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Five of the gang pictured in the front yard in 2010.  From left to right: Twister, Dapper, Diva, Halle and Easy!


I am a hobby exhibitor currently living on three acres in the Dallas metroplex, but my start in Labradors came while living in Southern California in 2000.  Easy is my first show dog (on far right above), and he is the one that got me hooked on the breed with his unflappable temperament, natural retrieving instinct, solid build, and willingness to please.  The house is currently filled with his grandchildren and great-grandchildren featured throughout this site.


From left to right: Easy, Gussie, Twister, Carrie, Diva, Jack and Halle


All of the dogs at LegaSea share my home with me.  While there is a dog yard and a small kennel, as I actually enjoy living with the dogs, not simply caring for them.  I am fortunate to be able to work from my home, and spend the majority of the day with my dogs.  Most nights I will have at least two dogs on the bed, and usually another one or two will snuggle in just before daybreak, with the others within tripping distance!  The dogs can usually be found under foot wherever I am, especially in the kitchen.  We go for walks through the neighborhood as well as make frequent trips to the lake and nearby parks or swimming daily in the backyard pool.  This site is full of photos and links so that you can get to know me and my dogs and how we live.  Please feel free to email or call if you are interested in a puppy or just want to 'talk dogs' or find me at a local show or hunt test!  Thank you for visiting and stay warm!!


I have a closed Facebook Group for LegaSea families and potential puppy buyers.  If you'd like to join, please send a request:  LegaSea Labradors









Carrie Eberhardt

Dallas Metroplex, Texas



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